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"Duino" has been traveling in the festival circuit since May, 2020. It has since gone on to get into more than 15 different festivals around the world.  The short has also gone on to be Semi- Finalists, Finalists, and Award Winners. These include:

    Animation Block Party - New York 

    Lift-Off Film Festival - California

    SENE Film Festival - Rhode Island    

    Tempus Film Festival - Belarus - Semi Finalist 

    Best Shorts Competition - Online - Award of Excellence 

    Animate - Australia - Finalist 

    MAST - Massachusetts 

    Hollywood Art and Music Awards - California - Semi Finalist  

    Global Shorts - Online - Award of Excellence

    SENSUS - Russia - Semi Finalist  

    Alternative Film Festival - Canada - Best North American Animation

    Revelatio Film Festival - Russia 

    Festpro Film Festival - Russia - Semi Finalist

    International Symbolic Art Film Festival - Russia

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